You deserve a well crafted drink

We like to think local. We roast our beans right next to the cafe and we use milk from a nearby dairy so that our baristas can craft a quality, enjoyable experience that makes you feel like you're really at home. We use the same sensibilities in our bar program. We take inspiration from around the world, but in the end, we're a community; and our friends and neighbors deserve a delicious drink and fun time when they visit. 

Our coffee


Super Regular

To satisfy the need for a solid yet intricate house coffee, we focus on seasonality with a changing makeup of single origins or blends that are fresh off harvest.



Our primary espresso blend, Gravy is roasted to yield the complex and classic qualities necessary to produce a fine drink: sweetness, acidity, and intensity.

White Lightning

A special edition blend that is great as espresso or as a cup, White Lightning is roasted to highlight the intense sweetness and fruit-forward character of its components.